Imported Instant Noodles

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     When you are not convenient to cook, what do you usually choose to eat something? One very easy to make food that will surely be the choice of most people is instant noodles. Instant noodles, also known as instant noodles, are famous for their ease of cooking, and their taste and flavor are quite popular. Who invented instant noodles? Many people are not quite sure, Taiwan? Or the Koreans? In fact, instant noodles were invented by a Japanese man: Momofuku Ando. And with the rising quality of life of the people, people have also turned their attention to imported instant noodles! Japanese instant noodle brands such as Hop Flavor and Izayoi Ichiban are all Japanese instant noodle brands.
      A.Want to import instant noodles need what qualifications:
      1, the importer: foreign trade experience record form, the food consignee for the record, the relevant product business license.
      2, foreign investors: the corresponding products to do the corresponding registration number in China, good food consignor for the record.
      B.The declared information of the goods must be consistent, such as gross weight, weight, etc., or else to change the order, delaying customs clearance time;
      C. The same product, the domestic consignee and foreign consignor record only need to do once
      D. Some of the customs area goods can be resolved without the need to enter the supervisory warehouse labeling, but directly send the goods back to the customer's warehouse
      E.To remind foreign businessmen will be labeled in Chinese before delivery, some ports can be rectified, while some ports can only be returned;
      F.the Chinese label for food additives, ingredients of the Chinese name needs to be filled in accordance with the national standard name.
      The general process is:
      Confirmation of good import qualifications - foreign shipments - goods to the port - customs clearance and inspection - tax payment - check or not - goods released - commodity inspection sampling (there are chances) - issued after the health certificate can only be sold freely
      The following are cases of Korea/Japan instant noodles imported by our company:
      Case pictures:





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