Olive Oil Imported from Spain

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       Encore International has a full set of complete import qualifications and is a formal import food enterprise with a food circulation license recorded by the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of consignee. The types of food we can represent are: grains and products, fats and oils, sugars, plant-based seasonings, other plant-based food products, dairy products, wine, preserves, tea, beverages, vegetables and products, dried nuts, canned goods, bee products, pastries and cookies, spices, meat, etc.
       Olive oil import business has always been one of the most popular service items of our company, with more and more imported food into China's market, such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Australia and other countries of high quality olive oil have entered the Chinese market. It has become a "regular" on the dinner table of the general public. Which companies can import olive oil and what information is needed for olive oil import? How to import olive oil, olive oil import procedures, olive oil import process. Anke International provides all the qualifications and services for you to import olive oil, you only need to provide relevant documents to smoothly complete the import agency procedures.
Anke international freight forwarding-import olive oil service: 
1.Olive oil import by sea
2. Overseas pick up of olive oil
3. Full set of qualification for olive oil import
4. Olive oil automatic license (7 certificates) processing
5. Olive oil 21 items testing for (if foreign countries can not provide)
6. Olive oil import label design
7. Olive oil import inspection and customs declaration
8. Olive oil import storage
9. Domestic transportation of imported olive oil
I. The consignee and overseas exporter for the record, the consignee filing materials are as follows:

1. truthfully fill out the "imported food, cosmetics consignee filing form";
2. copies of business license, organization code certificate, proof of identity of legal representative, foreign trade operator registration form, and submit the original;
3. imported food and cosmetics acceptance system, defective food recall and goods flow management system and other quality and safety management system;
4. self-inspection, shall provide a copy of the registration certificate of the self-inspection unit and submit the original inspection;
5. foreign consignees such as entrusted agents to apply for inspection units, shall submit the relevant commission certificate;
6. storage depot floor plans, property certification materials or lease contracts.
7. Overseas exporters or agents for the record information form
Ⅱ.Based on the product information provided by the foreign shipper to produce Chinese labels in line with the requirements of the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Quarantine Bureau):

(1) the foreign shipper to provide a clear and complete product positive label, back label pictures, as well as clear information on the following products:
Name; brand; year of olive picking; acidity; trans fatty acid content; country of origin; storage method; manufacturer; domestic distributor; production date; shelf life; net content; nutritional composition, etc.
(2) Chinese labeling shall be made with reference to the "General Rules for Labeling 2011";
(3) foreign shippers shall be designed before shipment of Chinese labels on the wall of the product bottle.

Ⅲ.The business unit to apply for an automatic import license:

(1) the goods imported by the enterprise belongs to the bulk of agricultural products for record management, to the "China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal Husbandry" for the record first.
(2) enterprises use the unit's electronic key, log on to the Ministry of Commerce Quota Licensing Affairs Bureau license management platform, enter the automatic import license issuance system, online entry of "automatic import license application form" in its entirety, after checking for errors, click to send to the Commerce Commission.
(3) Commerce Commission Foreign Trade Operation Division for preliminary examination, review (special commodities reported to the Ministry of Commerce review).
(4) After the review, the enterprise prints the "Automatic Import License Application Form" and stamped, together with other materials to be submitted to the Commerce Commission Administrative Affairs Service Center, print the "Automatic Import License", register and sign on the license registration book.
(5) the application form and materials and permits together with the Foreign Trade Operation Department for review, signature, stamped "automatic import license" special seal.
(6) the enterprise will be the license to take the first 3, the fourth and the application form and materials returned to the Commerce Commission Administrative Services Center for archiving.
(7) processing time limit: 5 working days
Ⅳ.If the outer packaging of the product contains wooden packaging, ensure that each wooden package with at least two fumigation markings on:

B: Shipping waybill typing at the time of shipment
If the consignee has the right to import, the sub-order consignee is the actual consignee
Remarks: Name: OLIVE OIL
C: Import customs declaration and inspection process
Spain import olive oil





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