Personal Items Clearance

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Import customs clearance of personal effects:
       Angel International one-stop logistic provides import services for foreign businessmen, staff of foreign enterprises in Shanghai, officials of consulates in Shanghai, and people returning to China from work or study, including bill exchange, customs clearance, inspection, triple inspection, pick-up, delivery, unpacking, and garbage removal. According to the characteristics of the goods, the best transport operation process is tailored to provide one-stop service of picking up, packing, transporting and customs clearance.

       Beijing Anke International takes "reputation first, cargo owner supreme" as the purpose, and provides cargo owners with a full range of reliable one-stop service, which is safe, rapid, economic and convenient.

Please refer to the following service process:
      1、Your inquiry
       Any doubts about the transportation of your personal belongings will be fully answered here. You only need to tell us the approximate volume, destination port, estimated shipping time and other information of your consignment to get a detailed quotation; for "door-to-door" transportation, you also need to provide the exact destination address in English. In addition, if you can't judge the volume of your goods, we can arrange free professional personnel to come to your home to evaluate, estimate the volume, make handling plan and answer your questions on site.
       2、Your commission 
       Notify us of the time for door-to-door packing and pickup, fill out the power of attorney and provide all the documents required for customs clearance. We will assign a sales and customer service person to follow up and deal with all matters related to packaging, shipping and customs clearance according to your situation and needs.
       3、Professional packing 
       A team of experienced packing staff will arrive at your designated packing place on time and pack according to your requirements. According to the shape and volume of various objects, the packaging staff will use appropriate packaging materials and methods to provide the most appropriate and safe packaging. After the packing is completed, the service specialist will fill out a packing list in time, detailing the number of each box and the name of the items contained.
       4、Business operation (customs declaration, inspection, booking, shipping arrangement, etc.)
       The operation at the port of departure generally takes 3-5 working days, and if the items are wooden packages and need to be fumigated, the operation time will be increased accordingly, please consult and handle the consignment in advance according to the specific conditions of the consignment. We will handle customs declaration, inspection, sea/air port operation, arrangement of sea or air transportation, issuance of transport documents and other related work for you in a timely manner according to your commission and the corresponding norms and procedures of business operation.
       5、Destination port pickup
       For door-to-door transportation, the goods will be delivered to the destination port and the consignee will pick up the goods by himself. For door-to-door transportation, if the goods arrive at the destination port, our branch office or agent will contact you and help you clear customs and deliver the goods to your door. If the consignee does not pick up the goods within 5 working days, the consignee will be responsible for the resulting storage and demurrage charges.
       6、The information provided to us by different customers
Foreign nationals Chinese nationals
Corporate  entities   Employment by a company         Representative office Taiwanese Hong Kong people Mainlanders
Passport Passport Passport Taiwan Compatriot Certificate ID card Passport
Residence Permit for Foreigners in the People's Republic of China Residence endorsement Travel Permit Visa (immigration, work, study)
Copy of business license of enterprise Employment certificate (expert certificate) Representative card Employment certificate temporary residence permit  
    Employment certificate   Employment certificate  
Customs declaration power of attorney (signed)
Application form of the People's Republic of China Customs for inbound and outbound self-use items(signature, unit seal) 
People's Republic of China inbound and outbound passenger declaration of baggage items (signature)
List of articles (signature)
Bill of lading
Ocean waybill





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