Brazil import used equipment-Extruder

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      There are many companies in the absence of good used equipment import documents, rashly shipped used equipment to China, the goods to the port to declare when the customs reminded, the documents are not complete, can not be declared, resulting in a large number of enterprises in the terminal shipping company warehouse rent, container rent, customs fines. The inability to declare normally leads to the inability to clear customs and even makes the enterprise plan to complete the layout in time and unable to start the situation.


       So how to operate the import of used machinery and equipment, what procedures are required? The following is our company imported second-hand equipment in Brazil - extruder operation cases:
       Imported machinery process: provide information - foreign inspection - dock - customs price audit - out of the tax bill --Payment of taxes - release - goods sent to the customer's designated location.
       Imported machinery required information: applicant, consignee, consignor business license copy. List of imported used mechanical and electrical products (name, code, quantity, specifications, origin, date of manufacture, manufacturer, new and old status, price, use, etc.) in duplicate. Business license of the enterprise, list of equipment, color photos of equipment.
       Brazil imports of extruders and other equipment





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