Endangered coral import

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     The specific procedures for the endangered certificate, species certificate, long process, newcomers often do not know where to start, take a lot of detours and waste time, to know the import of goods, time is money, the endangered certificate itself is only valid for six months, delay will either lead to the expiration of the document, or the goods to the port, the domestic container overdue fees are also quite high. Our company has experience in handling endangered and species certificates, because of professionalism, trustworthy!

     The documents required for customs declaration after the arrival of sea import declaration and air import goods are as follows:

     I. Conventional documents provided:

     1. Notice of arrival, copy of bill of lading, letter of introduction for a single;
     2. necessary documents: box list, invoice, contract in one copy, customs declaration, inspection commission letter each;
     3. French inspection of the goods need to first declare the inspection and obtain the "Customs Clearance" before entering the customs declaration;
     4. The goods must be declared to the Customs within fourteen days after arrival. If more than the time limit, the Customs will charge a daily demurrage (five ten thousandths of the value of the goods) for more than three months, the Customs will be sold as unowned goods!

   Ⅱ.the import of endangered species to provide documents:

     1. foreign Cites (endangered certificate);
     2. domestic cites (endangered certificate);
     3. most need to apply for quarantine permits;
     4. endangered products generally have to be inspected, if the site does not have a commercial inspection, the release of the need for about inspection;

     Our company provides door-to-door delivery after customs clearance, and can assist customers to carry out inspection. Please consult the professional customer service of Beijing Anke International Freight Forwarding Agency for details; more efficient; faster; more money-saving

     The following is our company's case of importing endangered products - coral:





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